The Kimilili Trust
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The Kimilili Trust
10th Annual Garden Party

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58 Cissbury Gardens, Findon Valley
Worthing BN14 0DZ on Sunday 27 May 2.00-4.30

The Kimilili Trust is a small West Sussex charity founded by Jan and John Gribben and run by a small committee of West Sussex people. It aims to help the young people who live in Western Province, Kenya, principally in the area around Kimilili..

The charity was founded following a series of visits to the region by Jan and John – who are both retired headteachers – when they saw at first hand the problems being faced by youngsters in that region.

Most of the people who live in Western Province are subsistence farmers. They grow enough to eat but have little or no actual money. There is more information about the area on this web site and you can read what we have done, what we are doing and how you can help.

A typical rural class with their school behind

The Trust works on a simple premise. When a donor gives money for a project, ALL that money should go to the project in Kenya. Thus, there is no deduction for administration all of which is funded from elsewhere. All the Trust’s projects are overseen by local people personally known to Jan and John and who have shown themselves to be totally trustworthy.

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